I am Jaime Lynch.

Vegas showgirl turned Singer, Coach, Speaker, Author, Artist.

Founder of #Queendom, and host of the upcoming #ownyourfierce podcast.  





If you are comparing yourself to ANYONE else,… on the internet, in your business, or in your life, you are robbing yourself of money, health, & happiness.


I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but hear me out.


You are diluting the ONLY thing you have that NO ONE else has…

Your secret edge to slay the competition…





Honestly you guys, this is SOOOOO important. I see so many coaches, artists, performers just skipping right over this fact. ( Even though they’ve heard it before)


There is NO ONE on this planet that is exactly like you & that is your edge. That is why it is soooooo important to show (own) your personality (flaws & all), into YOUR brand. Even if you have a product based biz.


The ones who are the realest are the ones that connect the most. Sales = Connection. People want to know that they are buying the truth. Think about it, the best artists, coaches, speakers, performers, entertainers even brands, etc.. are the ones that can connect, & build trust with excellence + vulnerability.

We want REAL.


So don’t worry if Steprenuer Sally has a perfect website, or pics, or content.

Seriously f*ck perfectionism. Sorry , but it’s boring AF.


Get messy. Get real. Get vulnerable. BE YOU.

Because THAT is how you slay the competition & stand out in a sea of everyone else doing the same things.


You are all you need, sister.

It has always been you.

Dig in so deep to who you are, & watch the “competition” fall away.

Shine so bright it hurts their eyes.


Love always, J xo


“Comparison is the thief of Joy”…. & money.




Dear John.... I mean, Jaime.

Dear John.... I mean, Jaime.